Football – Smith Relishing Striker Challenge

Smith, sealed from Oldham in the summer, has scored 5 goals in 15 appearances this period but proposed on the dais in the week end win at Charlton when Blackstock, on loan from Nottingham Forest , done his initial Leeds start.

“There’s 7 strikers at the club,” mentioned Smith. “So there’s a lot of pressure when you go out on the representation to stir and prove.

“Dexter’s advance from a large bar similar to Forest, so he’s going to be here to play. It’s up to me to keep him out of the side and keep me in it.

“I’m here is to same reasons. It’s all strong at the end of the day.”

Smith, a of the tallest players in the Sky Bet Championship, has done an splendid step-up from League One after ripping on to the stage for Oldham final period with goals in the FA Cup against Liverpool and Everton.

“There aren’t as well many 6ft 6in strikers in veteran football at the moment,” he added. “You could may tally them on two hands.

“It’s a bit of a failing multiply so when you do obtain bearing in to the first-team environment, you are going to obtain monotonous and people charge you of being a bit one-dimensional.

“But it’s nothing of my concern. My regard is to improve. we know inside of myself what we must be work on and hopefully Leeds can bring the most appropriate out of me.

“A lot of people are rapid to panel of judges weaknesses but it’s infrequently a box of personification to your strengths.

“I unquestionably know what cave are, but at the same time we wish to work on my weaknesses to obtain them up to speed.”

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