LUFC Forest Fans View – Dexter Blackstock

Vital Leeds have been in touch with fans of Nottingham Forest from their Vital site to find out a few things about our new signing Dexter Blackstock.

A number of fans from Vital Forest have given some contrasting views.

Are you surprised he hasn`t been able to get into the Forest side this season and are you disappointed to see him loaned out?

Pit bull -Not at all surprised he has gone out on loan. I am not disappointed either, for him or for Nottingham Forest. The loan should be an opportunity for him to prove himself and if he does, it could lead to a bid from Leeds or interest from another club or a return to the Forest side. It has to be seen as a win-win.

PVH – Blackstock fell out of favour following a fairly barren run in terms of goalscoring.

What are his strengths and weaknesses?

Pit bull -Blackstock’s first touch isn’t good and he has a poor header (Others might disagree with this). His strengths are probably his work ethic and his persona. He is a decent bloke in need of another break.

PVH – Strengths … He is good in the air.

Weaknesses … He uses his arms a lot to get in the air resulting in bookings on a regular basis unfortunately.

What is his best role?

Pit bull – Looking at the Leeds strike force and considering Dexter, I think his best role would be as a target man, possibly the last man. He’d definitely feed off somebody like Ross McCormack, but I don’t know too much about Matt Smith to know how these two would form the best possible partnership.

Describe Blackstock in three words?
Pit bull – Very decent bloke.

PVH – passed his best.

The following posted these comments:

Pope John XXIII:
Plays well on his own or as an ‘assisting striker’. Scores scruffy goals very well and excellent at getting between defenders to score. Never prolific, although a 10-15 goal a season man ( he has never hit 15 for us yet).

He had a cruciate injury two years ago. Came back strongly after a year out, but had a very poor spell, missing some crucial sitters, from the start of 2013. Unfortunately that coincided with him signing a long term contract, which has led to some unfair accusations about his attitude.

Jury is out as to whether he is truly the same player since injury – looking at 2012 you would say yes, from 2013, you’d say no. I hope that a new environment might just reinvigorate him

The Jock:
Doesn’t do anything particularly well. Was very poor last season and he hasn’t had a look in this season even when our current strike force are hardly pulling up trees. Isn’t fast, more likely to score from around 6 yards out, if at all

Not good enough unfortunately.

Bourne Forest:
Massive positive influence on the squad and a top professional. Great work rate and scores some very important goals, however he’s Mr Average now his form has dropped and he needs a run of games. Average heading, average shooting, average on the ball, first touch bad and picks up cards from awkward jumping.

Excellent squad player

Source: www.leeds.vitalfootball.co.uk

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